An evening of light and sound in Livingston Manor

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I’ll be providing live projections for numerous bands at this concert up-state NY at Livingston Manor.
NFS joins House Guest and Plan 23 to bring experimental electronic music to the Laundry King on Saturday, August 27.
Plan 23 delivers sonic explorations into uncharted spaces. Encompassing a sonic spectrum from dark-ambient to noise, drone to electronic […]

Psychedelic Immersion Theater

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Part of CREATIVE TECH WEEK – FRI, May 6th, 9pm – 2am
Brainwaves modulate live sound & video in real-time.
As part of Creative Tech Week New York’s sonic explorations group PLAN 23 presents: “PSYCHEDELIC IMMERSION THEATER” – an extended, immersive, audio-visual experience. During the performance electrode sensors will measure the musicians’ brainwaves in real-time, which will […]

Reflections at Cadence 23

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Interactive installation at Cadence 23, a warehouse space in Queens. This is a reflecting pool of waves across a triangle screen, where visitors are welcome to interact with the water, creating patterns of light and movement.
The installation is part of the group art/performance month titled “Cadence 23”.
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Cadence 23 is a convergence of NYC experimental […]

Synthesis RGB

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a celebration of music, movement, and visual art

Short set with Socks & Sandals at this event.
Remember Monkeytown?  Their space was the best venue in town for projection art, and losing it was a real NYC-breaks-your-hearts moment.  But it’s back! Cantina Royal, the restaurant serving executive chef Julio MM’s unique interpretations of Mexican cuisine, is reopening […]