“You play it — then it plays you” at The Tank

I’ll be creating a visual instrument and playing it at The Tank with Use the Other Door, regular Share folks who make soundscapes.



about Use Other Door
Use Other Door is Veranika Hryn and Dzmitry Zhykh an experimental-electricity duo from Belarus. “You can never step in the same river twice….. but at least you can record it”— the main conception of what we do.

We make music using analogue circuitries, synthesizers, radiowaves, squeaky toys, self-made instruments, voices, field recordings, lots of experiments..,what not… You see something — it sounds, you play it– then it plays you. “No hay banda…. no hay orquesta”, nothing is prearranged, everything is pure electricity of the actual moment. The music is honest-harsh-electricity-ambient-drone-Deus en machina-sound. The sound is music.

about Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan explores the medium of light, movement and time through the use of technology. The common element that define his work includes exploration into memory, photography, film, interactivity and projections. By examining the political and social implications technology has on us through the diversity of media, his work challenges the viewer to redefine perceptions of audience and performer.