You are so Lucky New Years Eve in Yonkers

I returned to Alder Manor in Yonkers with a crew of dear friends to illuminate and power this amazing property for the You Are So Lucky New Years celebration. 1500 people wandered through two buildings and acres of garden, all thematically illuminated by our small group, including Jeanne Angel, Sam Zimmerman, Glen (Spec) Duncan, Sofy Yuditskaya, Lopi, and Nina (T-bone). We had an amazing three days in Yonkers in the opulent and decrepit Alder Manor.

Flickr Set of my photos from the event

“ab uno pluribus” projections


I’ll be proving a projection accompaniment to three musicians at this cozy event, including David Linton, Jeanann Dara, and Wolfgang von Struermer.

NOW IN ITS SECOND YEAR! The October session of this monthly audio-visual event will present electro-acoustic live sound by Jeanann Dara [viola + effects], David Linton [analogue electronics], WvS [digital synthesis + iOS devices] and live visuals by Chris Jordan.

We present new exploratory experiences in the audio-visual realm. The versatile energies of select live musicians and video artists are synthesized into explosive though unrehearsed solo and group performances. You will never hear or see the same thing twice.

Curated & produced by WvS
Co-producer: Miah Artola

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The Three Jewels NYC – MAP
61 4th Ave, 3rd Fl (Btw 9th & 10th)
New York, New York 10003