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Creative Design
January 29, 2014

Tower Epoch

I have a light sculpture in this group show at Central Booking on Ludlow, opening Feb. 6 2014. The piece, titled, “Tower Epoch”, is composed of timelapse footage projected, reflected, off mirrors. The footage was captured in 2013 from the Queens Plaza Clock Tower.

I’ll also be on a panel discussion
Art & Science Panel:
Time and Again: Retrograde Paradoxes
Friday, March 7th, 7:00 pm
Carlos Cuellar Brown, Dr. Frederik Denef, Chris Jordan, Ellen Weiner, Thomas Parker Williams
…where artists and scientists have an opportunity to discuss their common interests.

Time and Again
Opening February 6th, 2014
21 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002 (LES)

Hours: Thursday-Sunday,12-6 PM
Subway: F to East Broadway

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September 25, 2013


This is a new site specific installation that captures the movement of a swing and creates an immersive visual experience. Momentum amplifies the sense of weightlessness experienced at the apex of change.

This was part of the Monitor Digital festival in Guadalajara, Mexico.

This whole project is a collaboration between many people, without who’s support this would not have happened.

Programming by Josh Goldberg, super big thank you! And special thanks to Enki for coding, shooting, connecting and making. Will never thank these two enough. Thanks Josh and Enki.

  •   •   •   •   •
September 17, 2013

Glory Road

September 18 – 21, 2013
12 – 1:30pm & 4 – 6pm
(20-minute performances on loop)

Grace Plaza
1114 Avenue of the Americas
(at 43rd Street)
An Arts Brookfield Commission

The Nerve Tank, a world-class theater innovator, brings the woeful myth of Sisyphus to the Grace Building Plaza. Sisyphus, a daring and clever king who outwitted the gods on many occasions, is sentenced by Zeus to the absurd and eternal fate of pushing a boulder uphill only to have it roll back down. The Nerve Tank’s interactive encounter with this story features a 6 1/2-foot metal sphere pushed along the Plaza, overseen by a dancing Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Sisyphus’ labor is to play the “boulder” in narrative order, which is filled with technology that triggers audio and video fragments as it moves. The task is impossible, yet he’s forced to keep going – and through his punishment he celebrates his stubborn pride.

Conception: Chance D. Muehleck
Director and Scenarist: Melanie S. Armer
Digital Interface Designers: Stephan Moore and Mikhail Mansion
Sound Design and Music: Stephan Moore
Lyrics: Chance D. Muehleck
Costume Designer: Miodrag Guberinic
Video Designer: Chris Jordan
Performers: Bizzy Barefoot, Amy Crossman, Mateo Ervin, Stacia French, Jenna Hoff, Jason Howard, Robin Kurtz, Mark Lindberg, Taylor Morrison, Amy Stringer, James “Face” Yu
Sphere Fabrication: Eric Coolidge with assistance by Melanie S. Armer and Chance D. Muehleck
Production Management: Aislinn Curry
Production Stage Management: Karin Carter
Apprentice/Asst. Direction: Rebecca Warzer
Sphere fabricated in residence: The Wurks, Providence, RI

Sphere Galvanization: V&S Galvanizing, Taunton, MA

The Nerve Tank

Glory Road Press Release

I did the video design for this outdoor theater performance/installation, focused around the relationship between Sisyphus and Persephone. This performance is part of the Brookfield Arts program. The theater group is Nerve Tank, who I’ve worked with before, and am so thankful to work with again.

There’s so much to say and see with this performance, including an incredible audio system by Stephan Moore, drop-dead cool costumes by Mio Guberinic, written/conceived by the incomparable Chance Muehleck and directed by the lovely Melanie Armer. All acted out by the Nerve Tanks crew of talented, dedicated, endurance-actors.

Special thanks to Enki for helping me shoot the video for this production.

  •   •   •   •   •
September 11, 2013

Crystalline Time

I worked on this projection mapping installation over by the High Line, very loosely titled, “Crystalline Time”. This is an outdoor projection installation for the new Taconic building at 837 Washington. The projections run every evening through early November, sunset – 2am; on the corner of 13th St. and Washington; with great views from the High Line. The print design and animation direction come from DBox; programming by Josh Goldberg, projection box fabrication by Moey Inc. The client is Taconic Investments. The installation is a meditation on light, through the use of shapes slowly fading in and out. There’s a timelapse of this I shot that makes this look very fast. But, its actually a very slowly evolving experience.

Photo by Dbox.

DNA Info New York

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July 4, 2013

Silo Swing

Revitalizing a disused pair of silos in Flint Michigan, Silo Swing encourages visitors to take a ride on the seven-story kinetic light installation. The installation incorporates reflective wind-catching materials that create a light display on the two large silos both during the daytime and at night.

This interplay of scale and weight, through light and concrete, is brought to life through the pendulum movement of the swing; focusing the neighborhood on simple, accessible, playful interaction. The large arc of the swing, and the play of light that comes from this movement, ties closely to time and our corporeal existence: two stoic concrete monoliths that seem timeless in the landscape become fluid and responsive; foretelling the future park being constructed at Spring Grove.

Comissioned by the Flint Public Art Project, with a grant from the Ruth Mott Foundation.

Special thanks to:
Michael Setter
Flint Youth Theater
everyone at the Flint Public Art Project
Signs by Crannie

Photos by Enki

ABC 12

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